We pride ourselves in having a team of highly qualified, knowledgeable and caring staff.


Helena is our untiring Manager. She has been at the Pre-School for 12 years now. She is a Specialist Early Years Professional, a Qualified Teacher, has a level 5 award in Management, is the Pre-School's SENCO, EAL co-ordinator and main Child Protection Officer. 

Helena is a qualified Child protection and Safeguarding trainer, a qualified Assessor and is the nominated person on the Pre-school committee. Helena also speaks fluent Italian.

Helena is also won the very first Famly Children's Champion Award in 2021 - a national recognition of her outstanding work with children.

Helen B  is our Deputy Manager. She has been involved with Pre-School for  12 years now: first as a mum and committee secretary, then employed as our cook/cleaner.  Helen has achieved both her level 2 and her level 3 in Early Years and Childcare. She is our senior member of staff,  key worker, deputy SENCo, deputy Safeguarding Officer and in charge of medicines and the food diary.


Monika  is a level 3 qualified practitioner and has been with us for over 4 years. She is Polish and is our Health and Safety Co-ordinator.

Bozena is an ex parent and comes in 3 days a week. She is an incredible asset to the pre-school as she cooks, cleans, mends and repairs toys and resources for us and is a talented cook and  seamstress. Bozena is also Polish.

All Saints Pre-School is run by a VOLUNTARY PARENT COMMITTEE which is elected at the beginning of each academic year at the Annual General Meeting.

Committee Officers:

Chair person: Lynsay Dibley

Secretary: Gemma McCintyre

Treasurer: Helen Buck 

Pre-School member and nominated person: Helena Meineck

Church representative: Lynne Pearcey 


If you are a parent and would like to join the committee please speak to Helena.

Our Committee not only supports the management of the Pre-School but organises fundraising events to help us keep costs down and quality high. 

What is it like for your child here and what do we do to make every day special for them?

This is an extremely important time in a child's life as it is the time when the brain is still developing and the neurons are still making connections. Positive experiences are vital to every child’s healthy brain development and we endeavour to make your child's time with us a happy, fun and exciting one whilst  feeling safe, secure and confident. 

For this reason we do not take more than 14 children at anyone time. This means that we can give every single child the dedicated time, attention, care and learning experiences that they deserve and need at this young age. 

We  plan all our activities and our resources around the children – every single one of them.

How do we do this?

When your child starts at Pre-School we ask you to complete our ‘information on your child’ forms. This tells us something about your child: what they like to eat, who their favourite friends are, what they enjoy playing with etc. We then invite you and your child to spend some settling in time with us so that we can then see what he or she likes to play with.

Once your child starts Pre-School we provide the necessary play resources for them to feel comfortable and at ease and we begin to make observations on them. These observations are then used to inform us of their likes and dislikes, their choices, preferences, and their social skills.


We  also see which member of staff they feel happier with and that member of staff then becomes their key worker and will continue to provide resources and experiences for your child during their stay at Pre-School. They will also be the adult that your child will go to when in need of comfort, reassurance, to ask a question, to share a secret and even to play with.

The observations that are made are used to then plan appropriate learning-through-play activities and we follow these up by completing progression forms. We then use the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework as a guideline to decide on age and developmentally appropriate targets for them to reach.


All staff input ideas into the Planning for child-appropriate adult-led activities and we confer on a daily basis and at staff meetings regarding every child’s development, progress and well-being whilst with us. All our documents are interactive and help us to provide the correct learning provision for all the children.




             We love gardening.
During the year we spend a lot of time learning about our natural environment. Not only do we  plant, cultivate, and harvest our produce but we also spend time learning about how to stay healthy and safe.
We look at the world of bugs, insects, birds  and other wildlife. We build dens, learn about different habitats and how important it is to respect other people's property and things.