We are always looking for help and support so please do come forward and help our wonderful parents support our Pre-School. PLEASE HELP US FUNDRAISE so that we can continue to provide exceptional care and learning experiences for your child.

Our wonderful committee and staff work really hard creating ideas to fundraise during the year.

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1978 - 2018

This year we celebrated our 40 years birthday with an extraordinary afternoon with some very special visitors including the Mayor of Exmouth, the Town Cryer, Handlers and goat from World of Country Life and Liz Balbi - founder of All Saints play group 40 years ago and some of her staff. This was also a fundraising event and we raised nearly £400. Thank you to everyone's support.

Presentation to Liz Balbi to thank her for founding All Saints Play group in 1978.

Our Christmas 2017 fundraising. An enormous thank you to all our families who this year raised an extraordinary £454.85 for the pre-school. A huge thank you also goes to the Exmouth Rotary club who made sure we got a visit from Santa and also gave us a donation;  the Norman Family Trust who also kindly donated a sum of money to us and Tesco who kindly donated new aprons for messy play and some of the Christmas presents for the children. All the money raised will help pay for the following:

Shed repairs and a new shed

Sensory lights for the Secret Garden

Arts and crafts resources

New learning resources

and of course our most important resource - our wonderful staff

We all took part in the 1st Christmas Tree Festival held in the church in 2016 and made an amazing £200 to help us buy resources such as glue sticks, paint and crayons for the children.

Exmouth mum, Debbie Barton (centre of picture above) ran in the Jurassic Coast 100 challenge from Weymouth to Exmouth over a 24 hour period (that is 60 miles!!) in support of All Saints Pre-School. She joined us on our last day of term sports fun day and we raised nearly £500. A wonderful achievement.

Helena collects the

Christmas donations

from Tesco in Exmouth

Our Secret Sensory Garden is one of our most treasured areas and has been many years in the making as we transformed it from an outdoor storage area to the wonderful learning area that we now have. Our first step was to clean it out, put down bark chipping and move the Wendy House into the passageway - not an easy feat.

We then finally  got our our much awaited Awning in 2014 but the dreadful winter's storms and gales in 2015 ripped it off the wall and we were desperate for help.

Exmouth's Rotary club came to our rescue last year and donated £500 so that we could finally get a more suitable protection over part of the Secret Garden.Thank you to Toby and his work colleague who did the work for us.

An enormous thank you also goes out to the church congregation for their support; Councillor Wragg for her support and interest in what we do and The Norman Trust who have also helped us.

Thank you to:

National Lottery;

The Gibbons Trust

The Norman Trust


Exmouth Councillors

The Community of Exmouth